Aerial & Ground Based Production

Have a project in mind requiring sweeping land or cityscapes, the 50th floor view from a future penthouse, an eye level sprint through Brooklyn’s industrial streets?

Clients approach us from advertising, real estate, resort and spa, extreme sports, building departments, law enforcement, film production, and simple curiosity. In our full service program, we take your idea and make it fly – from development to production to editing – with DJI’s most advanced, professional grade octocopter, the Spreading Wings S1000.

For ground-based projects, we also offer the DJI Ronin – the 3-axis stabilized gimbal system developed for the professional cinematographer looking for smooth, seamless footage every time and in any hand.

Both the Ronin and its airborn cousin, the S1000, operate smoothly through these innovative gimbal stabilization systems and ensure the highest level of stability and an extreme precision of control angle (within the range of ±0.02°) through a marriage of the world’s forefront filming technologies like super fast processors, sensors and algorithms – all handheld, all limitless.

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