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Flysight FPV Pro, 32ch Flysight Black Pearl Monitor with Shade & (2) Monitor Batteries & 32ch Black Mamba Tx5820 & Camrise Lanyard & Camrise USB Reader & Monitor Bracket

$549.00 $369.00

Fully compatible with Fatshark, ImersionRC, and DJI products

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  • Antenna included
  • High powered 2000mW, long distance (about 9Km) 32 Channel
  • Pro Bundle includes: Flysight 2015 32ch Black Pearl 32 channel monitor with integrated sunshade, 2 Black Pearl Monitor Batteries, Flysight Black Mamba tx5820 v2 32 channel, Camrise Monitor Bracket, Camrise Lanyard , Camrise usb reader and Flysight Battery charger and cables.
  • Fully compatible with Fatshark, ImersionRC, and DJI products
  • High performance 7″ LCD 32 ch for FPV flying with dual diversity receiver built in for portability. Including 3 piece solid plastic hood attached to monitor for sturdy performance. Features: * 7″ High Resolution screen * Built in battery 3s 1100 (included) * Light weight (350grams) * High resolution * HDMI input * Matte screen with sunshade to provide best image in daylight. * * No blue screen if signal intermittent Specification: * Diagonal = 7 inches * Resolution = 1024×600 * Frequency = 32ch (band a, b, c, d, Fatshark, Immersion compatible) * Antenna = 2x dual diversity (RP-SMA plug) * System = NTSC/PAL (auto) * Voltage input = 7 – 28volts Ports: * HDMI in (A type) * 1x AV in, 2x AV out * Built in mic Including: 1x 7″ monitor 1x 3s 1100mah battery 1x PSU (charger) 2x stock antenna 1x shade hood RCA cable and power in and out cable.