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Ronin-M Foldable Tuning Stand


The Foldable Tuning Stand for Ronin-M from DJI allows you to set your DJI Ronin-M 3-Axis Handheld Motorized Gimbal down when not in use or suspend it for balancing/tuning. It features an extendable vertical support for height adjustment and collapse down for compact storage thanks to foldable legs and support arms. The upper half of the stand can also be removed for use with any C-stand style stud that fits into the hole where the support arms converge. This stand serves as a spare or replacement to the one included with the Ronin-M.

  • Foldable Legs and Support Arms
  • Extendable Vertical Support
  • Top Section Removes for C-Stand Mounting
  • Replacement Part No. 11

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